Top 10 nigerian dating site

top 10 nigerian dating site

suddenly has some sort of emergency in Nigeria or Ghana. Phony Inheritance Claims, similar to the lottery scam, these scams revolve around you receiving an inheritance that you previously had no knowledge. It has various names such as the Nigerian 419, Nigerian money offer, the Spanish prisoner etc. After a few months when the scammer is convinced they have formed a bond with their victim, they request the victim to cash some money orders and wire transfer the money to t hem (usually to Nigeria or Ghana).

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The Nigerian dating scams are often not easy to detect as the scammers are often highly educated, have exceptional patience and they do their homework!

It's definitely a scam so please do not send them any financial details because you're just setting yourself up for a fraud or online dating 26-vuotiaat identity theft. With most people always on the lookout for a better job, these emails seem like a welcome opportunity with people seldom realizing it's a scam. Nigeria and Ghana are notorious for their scammers and hence most people probably wouldnt pursue a relationship with someone from one of these countries. Armed with their fake identity, the scammer proceeds to forge a bond with you. They do not ask for money to buy the ticket or even for visa expenses leading you to believe they are real. This is definitely a scam because the police (no matter which country) will never request money to catch a criminal! Nach oben, nach Oben.

Weiterlesen, anzeige, startup Night der Bits Pretzels. M) across the world scammers have found a new way to fool innocent victims. The scammer pretends to be someone from a Western country based in Nigeria for work and hence cannot cash the money orders. Phishing, in this type of scam, the fraudsters usually lure the web surfer to a website which seems real and legitimate but in fact is set up to steal personal details, passwords etc.