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me to know if the animal I was seeing was a shooter without closing the distance. Focus, one of the best features of the Opticron MM3 spotting scopes are the position and manner in which you focus the spotting scope and the fact that it has a micro adjustment for focus. . During lower light testing they werent as bright but thats to be expected when compared to a much bigger objective. Scope body, the scope body is aerodynamic and feels ergonomic.

On the Vortex you have to put your eye in the scope. Please dont judge glass based on image as the image has been compressed several times for the internet. I tested the MM3 50mm ED and MM3 60mm ED scope and was impressed by both. Gear that weighs too much can take the joy out of hunting and make it real work. I chose to test angled body spotting scopes as I think they are easier to use in the mountains with extreme angles and with a shorter, lighter tripod.

In broad daylight, you really could not tell a difference between the two scopes when compared at the same magnification. What I mean by this is that you could still see the object with the 50mm but you werent going to see as much detail or with as much resolution as with the 60mm. You can adjust this so that you can shoot a rifle prone and still look through the spotting scope at the same time. If you need a small, lightweight scope with good eye relief, you cant go wrong with either of the Opticron MM3 spotting scopes. Conclusion, the Opticron MM3 is small, lightweight, has a removable eyepiece, has an excellent focus system, great glass, and is a good value for the money. During my testing with good light, both MM3s resolved as well as the 80mm Sightron on the same power.

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